Expanding Retail Options 24/7/365

The Re:sourxe Automated Retail System is a perfect solution for hospitals where there is limited space for store development. With this system, targeted automated outlets are deployed where patient and customer needs exist in high-traffic locations.

The 24/7 Re:sourxe automated retail experience is an unstaffed system that combines cutting edge technology with a look and feel of a modern retail storefront. It transforms the traditional retail experience into a self-service retail destination ideally suited for the healthcare environment

The System’s touch-screen user interface allows for ease of shopping and provides a wealth of product information to ensure the purchasing process go smoothly.

Thanks to the flexibility of the merchandising system, products can be tailored to a specific hospital department or location within the facility. These include products traditionally found in Re:sourxe's Essentials stores, and a Mother & Baby selection with emphasis on lactation products.

The Re:sourxe Automated Retail System is a value-added retail strategy that enhances your hospital’s brand while improving patient satisfaction.