Re:sourxe Re:wards

Re:sourxe Re:wards is just one of the many world-class programs imbedded into Sodexo’s retail solution.

For patients, guests and employees, the program delivers benefits every time they shop, including:

  • 10% off their first purchase
  • Earning one point for every dollar spent at any Re:sourxe store
  • Reward certificates for every 150 and 500 points accumulated
  • Member-only promotions, discounts and education events built around health and wellness
  • Special email updates and sneak peeks at new products and benefits

But for hospitals, Re:wards drives measurable customer loyalty and generates meaningful marketing information that can further you hospital brand.  We’ll help you aggregate data from all of your retail touch points – the physical store, e-commerce, kiosks and automated retail – to  provide insight into what your specific customers need, want and purchase. 

More than 50 U.S. hospitals have launched loyalty programs, analyzing consumer transactions to create just-in-time programs to quickly and better meet consumer need. Now you can be on the leading edge.

With Re:wards, Re:sourxe provides you the tools to harness the new patient choice marketplace with relevant data and intelligence.