Turnkey Solutions

Re:sourxe: A Comprehensive Retail Approach from Sodexo
Sodexo is a world leader in retail development, operations, and maintenance. We manage hundreds of retail stores all across North America. Our expertise comes from our unique CARES culture and our distinct understanding of the Total Patient Experience.

A key element of the Sodexo Solution is our contribution of capital, supply chain and management resources to build and operate retail stores at your facility. Our state-of-the-art technology solutions combine world-class merchandising and retail management capabilities to create a unique shopping experience. Re:sourxe is supported by the same retail science – and designed with the same contemporary appeal – found in successful malls and major airport shops.

Re:sourxe is all about convenience for patients, guests, visitors and staff. It is an extension of the care and thoughtfulness associated with your hospital’s brand. It provides you with the unique opportunity to further engage your customers -- and create an experience that adds value to your brand and drives predictable downstream revenue.

A different shopping experience